WEF 1 April 2014,We have upgraded our facilities/从四月一日起,我们将提升我们的设施 Saturday 28 February 2015    

这个11月是JR的5周年纪念日,为了纪念JR的5周年,整个11月我们将为顾客带来一些免费的礼品和惊喜,首400位顾客将会获得高达80%折扣和拥用我们的贵宾房.The month of November is JR 5 Anniversary,The Entire November we will bring some FREE gifts and surprises customers,The First 400 customers will receive up to 80%Discount and have VIP ROOM

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Vacancies for masseurs, age 18-25 (male only)   
Booking @ (+60) 017-8725310 / 017-2531635   
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